Architecyural Engineer

Job Description:

1. Responsible for formulating the design and construction plan of the construction project and supervising the specific implementation of the plan;
2. Provide technical support for the relevant architectural design units and projects in the bidding project;
3. Review the design and construction drawings of the construction project and provide technical guidance and supervision to the relevant design and construction personnel;
4. Responsible for the project management work related to construction in the project, including supervision, inspection and acceptance of construction quality, schedule and safety issues, professional analysis of quality accidents, and proposals for solving problems;
5. Communicate and coordinate with relevant government departments, internal companies and partners to solve technical problems arising in various stages of project development in a timely manner;
6. Responsible for the construction project, responsible for the records within the scope of the construction project, as well as the signing and review of relevant documents, and timely filing relevant documents;

9、Complete other tasks assigned by the superior.

Skills and requirements:

1. Bachelor degree or above in architecture design related major;
2, with more than 5 years of experience in garden planning and design, with a technical engineer with intermediate or above technical titles preferred;
3. Have professional knowledge and practical work experience in architectural planning, design, construction, maintenance management, familiar with construction engineering construction process and quality standards;
4, skilled use of Auto Cad and other design software and office software;
5, good at communication and comprehensive analysis, willing to learn and have a lean work attitude, strong sense of responsibility and initiative;

6、Good physical health and professional ethics.

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