Integrated Technician

Job description:

1、Familiar with the working process of the job, obey the arrangement of superiors, and abide by rules and regulations;

2、Work in strict accordance with safety and operating rules to ensure the safety of personnel and equipment;

Keep tools well and use maintenance reasonably;

3、Daily maintenance methodically, clean up the site after completing the work;

4、Inspect the machine room, equipment and temperature measurement in the specified area on time every day, make detailed records, and report abnormal situations in time;

5、Record the operation in time according to regulations, handle and report abnormal situations in time;

6、Actively cooperate and supervise the maintenance units to carry out the maintenance work of the equipment and facilities in the building;

7、Sort out the operation record, timely report and properly keep it for inspection by superiors;

8、You should arrive at the location within 20 minutes after receiving the repair call, and rush to the location as soon as possible in case of emergency;

9、When entering the customer area for maintenance, please dress neatly and have all the tools. Without the permission by customer, you are not allowed to pedal or use the customer's goods without permission;

10、Complete the daily work order and make the records of maintenance. The records shall be written neatly;

11、If the maintenance is more than half an hour, you should call the person in charge of the major to report your location, maintenance status and work progress;

12、Complete other tasks assigned by superiors.


Job description:

1、High school degree or above;

2、At last 1 year working experience in the same position;

3、Obtain Valid Electrician certification and other junior professional certifications;

4、Familier with professional tools and equipment;

5、Fluent in mandarin and Cantonese;

6、Shift according to business need.

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