Customer Service

Job description:

1、Responsible for receiving customers' consultation and complaints, and making corresponding records; solve the problems that can be solved, and timely report those that cannot be solved;

2、Responsible for daily inspection of public areas, maintenance of the safety and integrity of public facilities and shopping malls, supervision of customers' decoration and renovative projects, effective prevention of violations, and timely report problems;

3、Coordinate with relevant departments to go through the procedures of occupation and second decoration for tenants, urge customers to comply with the relevant contents of “Tenant Manual” and “Decorate Regulation.”;

4、Collect property management fees and complete the tasks according to the set targets;

5、Responsible for the implementation of various paid services provided to customers;

6、Assist the security team and engineering team to deal with emergencies.

7、Update tenant contact list, tenant emergency contact list, including daily contact during office hours, company phone number, fax; Out of office hours, company contact, phone number. Need to forward to relevant departments in time;

8、Copy and supplement the daily common forms of the department, including emergency contact form, leave slip, shift slip, leave slip, overtime slip, etc.;

9、Responsible for writing, printing, sending, receiving, registering, sorting and filing of daily documents, materials and various forms of the department;

10、Manage the incoming and outgoing messages of the department and register the incoming and outgoing messages. The application letter of the tenant shall be copy and send to relevant personnel;

11、Send the meeting notice, record the meeting content and convey the notice of the department manager;

12、Purchase office supplies according to the office needs of the department every month and transfer them to related personnel, as well as daily administrative management;

13、Responsible for the statistics of fixed assets of building management office, carefully register the "fixed assets list" by departments and categories, and uniformly number and sign it;

14、Assist the customer service director to make meeting records, sort out the monthly reports and report to the superior for instructions;

15、Complete other tasks assigned by superiors.


Skills and requirements:

1、High school degree or above, good appearance. Property work license is preferred;

2、At least 1-year work experience in the same position or property reception experience;

3、Proficient in office software, such as Excel, Word and PowerPoint;

4、Fluent in mandarin and Cantonese;

5、Shift according to business needs.

Contact Us:

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