Business Development Department

Job description:

1、Rich resources for attracting customers, proficient in the process of attracting customers, and strong ability of public relations;

2、Responsible for the development of customer business, and the negotiation of compatible category about the business planning;

3、Participated in the investitive process management and in charge of the negotiation of commercial estate projects, preside over the drafting of important documents and contracts;

4、Achieve work objectives, make monthly, quarterly and annual work plans and implement them, ensure investment quality and progress, and establish good working relations;

5、Make market forecast, formulate investitive strategy, tactics, time and other overall arrangement;

6、Responsible for the development of differential rent, the implementation of investitive, adjustment and optimization, the collection and sorting of customer information, and the establishment of customer files;

7、Complete other tasks assigned by superiors.


Skills and requirements:

1、Bachelor’s degree or above in economics, business administration, foreign language or related majors;

2、More than 5 years of practical experience in high-end commercial real estate or urban complex, with typical successful cases;

3、Proficient in hardware requirements of brands, experience in Pearl River Delta investment is preferred;

4、Experience in mall engineering and interior decoration is preferred;

5、Proficient in the business format and operation mode of shopping malls, with good negotiation skills for investitive promotion. Rich investment resources and contacts;

6、Have the ability to plan, coordinate and control the investment. Independent work ability and team management experience;

7、Good responsibility communication skills, organization and coordination.

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