Novotown celebrates highly-anticipated grand opening Encouraging guests to set off their “Infinite innovation, be anything you imagine”

As a new landmark in Zhuhai, Novotown brings diverse entertainment and a one-stop leisure experience to the International Leisure and Tourism Island. 

Hong Kong’s Lai Sun Group today announced the official opening of Novotown, the ambitious integrated tourism and entertainment hub located at the heart of Hengqin, at its grand opening ceremony. By combining state-of-the-art entertainment with world-class leisure experiences, Novotown activates visitors’ senses, empowering them to explore and create their very own leisure and entertainment journey. 


Novotown celebrates its grand opening

From left: Larry Leung, Managing Director of Novotown; Ronald Tham, Executive Director of Lai Sun Group; Ziqin Zhu, Director of Bureau of Social Affairs Hengqin; Hong Kang, Director of the Administrative Committee of Hengqin New Area; Ge Zhang, Director of Bureau of Commerce Hengqin; John Tse, CEO of Novotown; Rosamond Lau, Vice President, Hotel / Hospitality Management of Lai Sun Development

A new landmark emerges at Hengqin International Leisure and Tourism Island

Speaking at the opening ceremony, Larry Leung, Managing Director of Novotown said: “Innovative entertainment and leisure experiences are cornerstones of what Novotown looks to deliver, as we provide residents in Zhuhai and Macau with a state-of-the-art entertainment destination unlike any other. With world-class themed entertainment facilities, Novotown will not only offer more choices for a short getaway within the ‘one-hour lifestyle circle’, but also help to create a 'one trip, multi-stop' tourism model within the Greater Bay Area.”


Larry Leung, Managing Director of Novotown, delivers the speech

World-class entertainment projects and facilities to create a one-stop leisure experience hub

Novotown features a mix of entertainment attractions with the most innovative concepts. Among the two key attractions is Lionsgate Entertainment World, the first international movie theme park in the Guangdong Province, which features blockbuster franchises as the story backgrounds of the attractions and leverages on the latest cutting-edge technology to offer guests over 30 groundbreaking attractions to look forward to.

Also available at Novotown is the first National Geographic Ultimate Explorer centre in Southern China, which uses the very best National Geographic content to bring an entertaining family friendly adventure experience to the Greater Bay Area. The centre offers 13 breath-taking experiences that take families from the far reaches of space to the deepest depths of the ocean. 

Novotown also brings together an eye-catching mix of retail and dining brands and Hyatt Regency Hengqin, promising a one-top leisure experience for every guest. 

Festivities celebration galore at “Golden Town” carnival

To commemorate its grand opening, Novotown today launched the “Golden Town” carnival, which runs until January 2020. With a series of special offers and exciting activities, guests will be invited to share the joy and collect fortune as they celebrate the arrival of 2020.

During the celebration, Novotown will be home to four golden interactive installations for guests to take photos with including “Sparkle Station”, “Golden Station”, “Dream Station” and “Lucky Station”. Among the four, the most striking is the “Sparkle Station”, a large LED digital Christmas tree that stands 7.2 metres tall. A highly-festive and radiant atmosphere is made possible by introducing innovative concept into the design of a conventional Christmas tree, whilst adding 1164 pieces of LED screens to display a full range of festival cues and lighting effects.  

Novotown is also proud to be hosting the original musician incubation event that is the renowned Mumaland Music Festival on 7 December, providing young musicians from all parts of Zhuhai and the Greater Bay Area with a stage to showcase their talent and music creations. In addition, Novotown will hold a number of activities such as the “Gold Rush Marketplace” and a series of lifestyle workshops, ensuring that the opening excitement carries through to 2020. For more information, please refer to the Novotown WeChat and website. 


Lionsgate Entertainment World, the first international movie theme park in the Guangdong Province, brings an immersive experience to guests.


National Geographic Ultimate Explorer brings an entertaining family friendly adventure experience to the Greater Bay Area.


Hyatt Regency Hengqin




Novotown brings together an eye-catching mix of retail and dining brands


Novotown has launched the “Golden Town” carnival to celebrate its successful opening.

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