Contract Manager

Job Description:

1、Responsible for assigning contractors work and coordinate the contracts of different departments by considering the cost and tender;

2、Organize counselor and check related documents;

3、Prepare project budgets and business analysis;

4、Responsible for monitoring all kinds of bidding documents and processes, providing opinions to bidders;

5、Give suggestions to proposal in view of economic and participate in the review of drawings;

6、Responsible for contract drafting, filing, confidentiality system and project payment application;

7、Responsible for related settlement and the audit of construction economic visa;

8、Perform other required duties and supervisors orders.

Skills and requirements:

1、Bachelor's degree or above, university graduate in engineering cost or related, more than 8 years’ work experience in foreign company or contract management is preferred;

2、Hong Kong or international related cost and management qualification is preferred, medium or senior engineering professional certificate is preferred;

3、Familiar with engineering cost software;

4、Familiar with the current practices of foreign counterparts and domestic norms in the contract industry;

5、Good communication skills and strong sense of responsibility;

6、Work in Zhuhai and Hengqin based on irregular working hours.

Contact Us:

Please send your resume to HR's indicate the insterested position.)


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