Real Madrid World


Real Madrid World in Novotown (Image is for demonstration only. Subject to concept changes.)

The centre interweaves elements of sports, entertainment and advanced technology, where a range of virtual and augmented reality football experiences will be made available to guests. Participants can indulge themselves in an immersive world of football encounters, and manage personalized player profile to keep track of one’s training journey. They can also create and own their “behind-the-scenes” training extracts. The centre also features a museum of Real Madrid history, various mini game challenges and other entertainment experiences. The aim is to create fun-filled and highly participative sports moments for guests of all ages and interests.

The centre covers an area of approximately 12,000 square metres, and contains multiple interactive football related experiences. It also includes food and beverage outlets as well as the retail concept store.


The Flying Theatre (Image is for demonstration only. Subject to concept changes.)

The Flying Theatre is a thrill-ride experience from a soccer ball’s point of view. Guests will fly as the ball sails through the air and feel the bumps and jolts as it’s dribbled down the field, then go on a wild adventure as the ball rolls out of the stadium, into the city, the ocean…even outerspace!


Faster Than Light(Image is for demonstration only. Subject to concept changes.)

Guests can test their raw speed and agility with their favorite football players and experience a professional football training.


VIP Dining(Image is for demonstration only. Subject to concept changes.)

An upscale dining concept to offer guests an experience similar to the VIP areas at Santiago Bernabéu Stadium in Madrid. Large “virtual” windows simulate the feeling of eating while viewing a live match at the legendary stadium.

Besides, there has "Stuntpit","The Shooting Gallery","The Virtual Bernabeu" and "Real Madrid Museum" in the center. The world's first Real Madrid Interactive Football Experience Centre will be completed in 2021 at Novotown phase two in Hengqin. 

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